RiverLIFE Outfitters: How We Got Started

RiverLIFE Outfitters: How We Got Started

It’s funny how ideas take off sometimes.  RiverLIFE Outfitters is a great example of how a goofy conversation led to this exciting idea actually getting off the ground (or water).

You could say that RiverLIFE is all about family but what you don’t know is that it actually is all about family. Our group of founders is comprised of the brother/sister duo of Rich and Richael with their respective in-laws of Heather and Phil. 

It should also be noted that the four of us call East Brady, PA home.  We spend every summer weekend enjoying all the fun the Allegheny River has to offer.  We boat, fish, kayak, paddleboard, ski & tube on this amazing river.  We do these activities with all of our river friends and family.  It’s in our DNA.

The idea for RiverLIFE got its’ start on one particular Saturday in the summer of 2021. We were enjoying a beverage and the beautiful scenery of the Allegheny River valley.  Rich had an idea for a t-shirt design and he thought it would be nice to have a bunch made for us and our boating friends.  Rich’s one design idea spawned five more ideas from the rest of the group.

We had some great ideas and couldn’t pick just one to go with.  We decided to not pick one, and go with them all!  If we liked all these ideas, then maybe other people would too.  That’s what brought us to RiverLIFE Outfitters.  We wanted to bring our passion for this way of life to everyone else who shares it.

As we kick off this venture, we hope you come along with us!  Keep coming back to the RiverLIFE Outfitters website and join the family.  Our page will feature blog posts, contests and river photos from all over.  We also have an online store where you can find apparel that celebrates all the things YOU love about the river life!

Life’s better around the bend!

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